The Idea Was Born

Owners Rachael and Jonathan Worsley moved to Berryville in 2012 to pursue their dream of opening a bed and breakfast – Waypoint House B+B.  Rachael and Jonathan loved the work, but found that getting dinner on the table during check-in hours became a challenging prospect!  Rachael began getting creative in the kitchen by cooking and freezing meals in advance to make their evenings a bit less hectic.  Soon, Jonathan realized he couldn’t tell the difference between a pre-frozen dinner and one made that day.  He began to wonder if other busy families could benefit from Rachael’s meals, and the idea for Presto Dinners was born.  

After years of perfecting our recipes, we’re happy to present our delicious, handmade meals to all the busy families and working professionals who need to make their dinner time routine easier as well.

We’re committed to making meals that are convenient, great tasting, and safe.  Rachael has been a Certified Food Protection Manager since 2005 and Jonathan received his certification in 2018.  Our precise cooking protocols and blast chilling process ensures that our dinners are of the highest quality.  Stop in and see why we say, “The best thing in your kitchen comes from ours!”

Presto Dinners, 23 Crow Street, Berryville VA 22611