Walk In, Curbside Pick-up or Delivery!

order online

Make your selections online and our staff will have your items waiting for you in store! Our entrees are handmade and prepared for 2-3 servings. 

pick up in store

Stop in our kitchen and “grab and go” from our in store menu selections. Be on the look out for our seasonal selections!

dinnertime hero!

Store your meals in the freezer and they will be ready when you are. Never fear the dreaded refrain of “What’s for dinner?” With Presto, you are the Dinnertime Hero!


You forgot to cancel the meal of the month club, and now there’s a box of food on your doorstep that you don’t have time to cook. If only you had a convenient option for dinner time that worked on your schedule. Presto! With no memberships to manage, you order at your convenience and store your entrees in the freezer until needed.  


We know if you had the time you’d be cooking with real ingredients in your own kitchen. So that’s what we do for you. Our meals are made from scratch in small batches to control quality. Then, they’re quickly sealed and frozen to preserve freshness. That’s why we say, “The best thing in your kitchen comes from ours!”


Meetings, commuting, the laundry desperately needs done, you’ve only had five hours of sleep, and Bobby forgot his shoes for soccer practice. HELP! If it always seems like you need a second pair of hands, that’s where Presto comes in! When a delicious meal is waiting in the freezer, you’ve got this under control!